Determining the methodology and coefficients specific to Romania in order to quantify GHG emissions and absorbtions for the quantification of climate change

Contract 4PS/03.09.2019

As part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol (KP), Romania has the obligation to develop and operate a greenhouse gas reporting system.

Project funded under the Sectoral Plan of the Ministry of Research and Innovation

Project goal

The aim of the project is to update and develop the components of the National GHG emissions and absorbtions assessment system and to develop a strategy for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation

Implementation period: 03/09/2019-10/12/2020

Budget for the partner ICECHIM: 100.000 lei

Project responsible: Dr. Chem. Irina Fierăscu

  • Abstract
  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Phase III
  • Obtained results and dissemination

Minimizing the impact on the environment while continuing developments in science and technology is essential for a sustainable future. The chemical industry contributes to almost every modern technology and has long been developing innovative products that improve sustainability. To play a role in meeting the long-term climate protection goals for 2050, the industry is facing a transformation that will take decades. Companies need to develop economically, ecologically and socially viable, and implement alternative processes. To do this, they need economic conditions and an energy framework to make this type of prospective project possible.

Phase I

Analysis of current national and international regulations and the current state of quantification of GHG emissions and absorbtions at national level

  • Activity I.4. Analysis of all national and international regulations in force to meet the obligations regarding the accounting and reporting of GHG emissions in the target industrial sector;
  • Activity I.8. Identifying the parameters necessary to quantify GHG emissions in the target industrial sector;
  • Activity I.13 Regional debate
Phase II

Analysis of the current situation regarding the temporal evolutions of GHG emissions and absorbtions

  • Activity II.6. Analysis of GHG emissions and absorptions forecast reports and action plans for greenhouse gas emissions from the target industrial sector
Phase III

Analysis on the implementation of the actions provided for under the Paris Agreement

  • Activity III.7. National debate
Obtained results and dissemination
  • Report on all current national and international regulations, on the basis of which Romania has assumed the fulfillment of its obligations regarding the accounting and reporting of GHG emissions and absorbtions;
  • Study on the identification of parameters for quantifying GHG emissions and absorbtions;
  • Study on the current situation and forecast of GHG emissions and absorbtions based on the developed methodology;
  • Report on the results of the national debate;

Results dissemination:

Models of Environmental Impact Assessment of Emerging Technologies from Chemical and Cement Industry, Radu Claudiu Fierascu, Irina Fierascu, Adriana Moanta, International Symposium “Priorities of Chemistry for a Sustainable Development” PRIOCHEM – 15th edition, 2019, Bucharest