Bio-based nanocomposites from epoxy-celullose with balanced thermo-mechanical properties – EPOCEL

Funding: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, CNCS – UEFISCDI

Programme: PNCDI III – Demonstration experimental project 2019, PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-5002

Research domain: 4.3 – Advanced materials

Project title: Bio-based nanocomposites from epoxy-celullose with balanced thermo-mechanical properties – EPOCEL

Financing contract: no. 530PED

Total funding: 600.000,00 RON

Project duration: 24 months

Period of project implementation: 28.10.2020 – 27.10.2022

Contractor: National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry – ICECHIM, Bucharest

Project Leader: PhD Eng. Adriana Nicoleta Frone

E-Mail address:

Partner: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Project Responsible: Prof. PhD Eng. Horia Iovu

E-Mail address:



Frone Adriana Nicoleta, CS 1, Project Leader

Vuluga Zina, CS 1, Research Member

Panaitescu Denis Mihaela, CS 1, Research Member

Corobea Cosmin, CS 1, Research Member

Nicolae Cristian-Andi, CS 1, Research Member

Gabor Augusta Raluca, CS 3, Research Member

Ianchiş Raluca, CS 1, Research Member

Radu Elena-Ruxandra, ACS, PhD Student

Ştefania Bădilă, ACS, Research Member

Popa Marius Stelian, ACS, Research Member

Teodorescu George-Mihail, ACS, PhD Student

Radu Dorian, Technician


Horia Iovu, CS 1, Partner Responsible

Gârea Sorina Alexandra, CS 1, Research Member

Brinduşa Bălănucă, CS 3, Post-doc

Pandele Andreea Mădalina, CS 3, Research Member

Necolau Mădalina, PhD Student

Vacant position, CS 3


Epoxy resins are being used in many key applications of the automotive manufacturing industry due to their properties such as high thermal stability, mechanical strength, moisture resistivity and adhesion. Although these materials have a high performance in electronics their end-of-life disposal raised tremendous global environmental concerns. Thus, designing novel biomaterials able to overcome these disadvantages have become an important goal for the scientific community.

The proposed project aims to develop new nanocomposites, based on renewable and inexpensive biological sources, with thermo-mechanical balanced properties for applications in electronics (EPOCEL). The goal of this project will be achieved through the use of renewable resources like vegetable oils and different nanocellulose fillers. The EPOCEL nanobiocomposite materials will exhibit a tailored interface design which will assure performances comparable to those of petroleum-based but at a lower price. The project approach is based on the association of materials produced from regionally low cost agricultural feedstocks which will be employed for the development of novel materials with high – added value. Various epoxy system components and different agents for nanocellulose functionalization will be screened for achieving the desired thermal and mechanical performances. Nanocellulose will have a significant role in providing biodegradability besides controlled stiffness. The assessment of the EPOCEL model for electronics will be made after detailed analysis of physico-chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.


The project EPOCEL brings its original contributions by developing novel nanocomposites based on renewable materials with performances comparable to those of petroleum-based intended for electronics.


Specific objectives:

Considering the unmet and increasing demand for new biobased materials intended for electronics together with the expertise of the team in thermoset materials, CN isolation and functionalization, the following specific objectives of the project have resulted:

  • Development of new bionanocomposites based on ELO and CN with improved mechanical, and thermal properties;
  • Finding new innovative routes for optimization of biomaterials components;
  • Demonstration of resulted biomaterials suitability for electronics applications;
  • Bionanocomposite processing as models for electronics;


Within this project we estimate the obtaining of the following results:

  • New bionanocomposites with improved mechanical and thermal properties using epoxy resins obtained from renewable sources, natural eco-friendly compounds as curing agents and nanocellulose;
  • Innovative routes for optimization of bionanomaterials;
  • EPOCEL model;
  • Patent application;
  • Dissemination of scientific results through publications and participation in conferences.



Title: Setting up the preliminary conditions for synthesis of epoxy system and preliminary compatibility tests (I)

Period: 28.10.2020 – 31.12.2020