TEAM 1 ADVANCED POLYMER MATERIALS AND POLYMER RECYCLING The main field of activity includes 2 directions: 1. Obtaining new polymeric materials with high-performance properties with applications in medicine, environmental protection, biotechnology, agriculture, construction, space and security 2. Chemical and physical recycling of heavy-duty polymers at the end of their life cycle with applications in thermal insulation of buildings, plasticizers for polymer processing, biotechnology, space and security The research areas of the team are: – Molecularly imprinted polymers – Host-guest polymerization – Polymeric materials for environmental applications – Inorganic-organic hybrid nanocomposites – Hydrogels for environmental applications and nanohydrogels for targeted therapy – Covalent immobilization of enzymes and microorganisms on polymers – Membranes for biotechnological and environmental applications – Sensitive materials for sensors and biosensors – Recycling of polymers at the end of their life – Polyurethane foams from bio-sourced polymers and polymeric wastes – Natural-synthetic hybrid polymeric materials – Determination of molecular masses of polymers by SEC and viscometry – Rheology of concentrated solutions and suspensions Team composition: 8 main researchers (6 doctors),: 4 Scientific Researchers I, 2 Scientific Researchers II, 2 Scientific Researchers III and 7 other researchers : 2 scientific researchers (doctoral students) and 5 scientific research assistants (master students), 1 sub-engineer and 1 main technician. They constitute 6 groups, with 2-4 members, each led by 1 doctor. Each group has 1-2 research directions. There is an interaction between groups, which allows the formulation of interdisciplinary projects and their realization.