Increasing the institutional capacity of bioeconomic research for the innovative exploitation of the local vegetal resources, in order to obtain horticultural products with high added value




Complex project carried out in a RDI consortium designed to improve the institutional performance of partner organizations in socio-economic areas of interest to Romania, by supporting existing research skills at the institutional level.

Project goals

  • improving the quality of life by improving the products resulting from fruit and wine crops, through the standardized nutraceutical products obtained;
  • improving the quality of the environment through alternative solutions offered to control apple and vine diseases (by avoiding pesticides);
  • development of modern cultivation technologies based on multisensory quantification of water and biocenotic stress in fruit and viticulture through phytomonitoring and early warning in the face of climate change,
  • social impact produced by the new jobs generated (1 new job created within INCDCP-ICECHIM).

Contracting authority: Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI)

Implementation period: 01/03/2018-30/06/2021

Total budget: 5.297.500 lei

Budget for the partner ICECHIM: 582.747 lei

Project responsible: Dr. Chem. Irina Fierăscu

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  • Partners
  • General objectives
  • Compnent project 3
  • Component project 4
  • Results dissemination
General objectives

The objectives of the project aim at developing the own capacity of the public research organizations involved, so that at the end the following result indicators will be achieved:

1) hiring new staff in research;

2) training of young employees, but also of those already employed through initial training courses in research, respectively specialization courses offered by each of the partners in its field of competence (using the logistics of RDI centers with possibilities for relaunch;

3) new or significantly improved products / technologies / services developed;

4) structuring the offer of research and technological services and presenting them in the platform;

5) strengthening the capacity of partner institutions with possibilities for relaunch through: training (research) / training internships and working visits (short duration);

6) research services offered (performed) by using the available research infrastructure;

7) joint RDI program correlated with the institutional development plan of each partner.

Compnent project 3

Development of plant extracts and innovative phytosynthesized nanostructured mixtures with phytotherapeutic applications in order to reduce biocenotic stress in horticultural crops

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Component project 4

Innovative technologies for advanced processing of plant resources from fruit and viticulture

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Results dissemination

The contribution of the ICECHIM partner to the activity of results diseemination, at the level of the complex project, materialized through:

Publication of articles in scientific journals:

  • Molecules;
  • Caryologia;
  • Journal of Materials Science;
  • Revista de Chimie;
  • Coatings;
  • Journal of Cluster Science;
  • Materials

Participation in specialized scientific events:

  • 25th Congress of The Society of Chemist and Technologists of Macedonia, 2018;
  • International Scientific Symposium Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 2018;
  • 18th International Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics and Materials Science 2018;
  • The 9th edition of the International Conference “Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies”, ATOM-N 2018;
  • International Symposium of Chemical Engineering and Materials SICHEM 2018;
  • 30th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products and the 10th International Congress on Biodiversity, ISCNP30 & ICOB10 2018;
  • 14th International Symposium Priorities of Chemistry for a Sustainable Development – PRIOCHEM XIV 2018;
  • 11th International Conference On Materials Science & Engineering, Bramat 2019
  • 4th International Conference on Natural Products Utilization From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf, 2019;
  • 9th International Conference of the Chemical Societies of the South-East European Countries, ICOSECS 2019;
  • 21st Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2019;
  • Priorities of Chemistry for a Sustainable Development”, PRIOCHEM XV 2019;
  • Balkan Symposium on Fruit Growing, 2019;
  • International Scientific Symposium Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 2019;
  • International Scientific Symposium Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 2020;

Participation in inventions and innovations trade fairs and exhibitions:

  • EUROINVENT – European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation 2018;
  • International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations “Traian Vuia” 2018;
  • The International Exhibition of Inventics INVENTICA 2018;
  • The International Exhibition of Inventics INVENTICA 2019;
  • EUROINVENT – European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation 2019;
  • EIS Infoinvent 2019, Chișinău
  • The International Exhibition of Inventics INVENTICA 2020;
  • EUROINVENT – European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation 2020;

Published books:

  • Application of natural products for the preservation of cultural heritage artifacts. General considerations and short literature survey, Fierscu Irina, Fierascu Radu Claudiu, Gaiana book&art studio, ISBN 978-619-7354-75-1


  • Innovative Valorization of Autochthonous Vegetal Resources, 2018;
  • Use of Vegetal Resources and Nanotechnology for Improving Horticultural Products -BIOHORTINOV (Year 2), 2019;