National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry



The area of Bioeconomy has as objective the development of new bio(nano)technologies and bio(nano)products for the capitalization of bioresources and the sustainable intensification of their production


Applied and fundamental research to obtain competitive products at EU level, contributing to increasing the quality of life and health of the population


The substantiation and development of new and emerging technologies, resulting from multidisciplinary collaborations, aiming at transforming the latest generation results of scientific research into globally competitive economic advantages


About us

The National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry – ICECHIM Bucharest, established by Government Decision no. 293 / 04.03.2004, based in Splaiul Independenței no. 202, District 6, has as object of activity scientific research and technological development in the field of chemical and petrochemical industry.

The research and development activities carried out within the National Plan for research and development and innovation, the Sectoral Plans and the Core Program, within the International Research and Development and Innovation Programs and other scientific research and technological development activities can be summarized as follows:

Applied research for the development of new products and technologies in the following areas:

  • Capitalization of bioresources;
  • Nanosciences and nanomaterial;
  • Environmental protection and sustainable management of resources;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of industrial products;
  • Refurbishment and revitalization of the Romanian chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • Recovery, recycling and recovery of by-products.

Basic and oriented fundamental research:

  • Performed in order to deepen and increase the level of knowledge in the fields: reaction mechanisms, chemical kinetics, organometallic catalysts, electrochemistry, modeling of unit operations, sonochemistry.

Analytical research and related activities carried out in its field of activity, with the approval of the coordinating ministry and, as the case may be, with authorization from the competent institutions:

  • Technological transfer of own research results, consulting, marketing and services in the competence area;
  • Analysis and testing services in laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025;
  • Elaboration of strategies, diagnostic and prognosis studies;
  • Elaboration of norms and standards aligned to the international quality system;
  • Providing technical assistance and specialized technical expertise;
  • Development of internal information system, data bank systems, data and image processing, modeling and simulation of chemical and petrochemical processes;
  • Professional training and specialization, of medium level.

The National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry – ICECHIM Bucharest is under coordination of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation Ministry, according to HG 371/2021.


The National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry – ICECHIM Bucharest is one of the major research entities in Romania, being involved in all fields of chemistry.


In 1948, at the initiative of the professors from the Department of Organic Chemistry (Polytechnic School of Bucharest), department led by Professor Costin D. Nenițescu, the Chemical Enterprises for Research, Design and Semi-Industrial Production (ICEPS) were established on the Dudești platform in Bucharest.

Scientific Events

Our vision includes shaping and equipping sustainable R&D&I communities through social dialogue events and accredited open science events that celebrate opportunities to promote regional cooperation between scientists, research institutions, national policy makers and the local business environment.

Technological Transfer Centre

ICECHIM’s Technological Transfer Centre (TTC) is the bridge between research groups and businesses that want to apply the results of research.


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