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Călărași branch

About us

Călărași Branch was established in 2015 as a separate legal entity within INCDCP ICECHIM. Address: Str. Ion Luca Caragiale nr. 2A, Calarasi, Jud. Calarasi, Romania, CUI 34631030, J51/242/2015 Contact: phone. +4021-315.32.99, fax: +4021-312.34.93, e-mail: Its activity is mainly focused on circular bioeconomy having as main research objective the development and promotion of new technologies for higher valorisation of bioresources. It calls on farmers, SMEs, as well as utility operators (wastewater treatment plants, waste management), to apply research results in their activities. Călărași Branch also cooperates actively with public authorities, particularly those managing european funds, for a more efficient absorption, that would have a real contribution to the development of the region. INCDCP ICECHIM Călărași Branch is partner in the BIOREGIO Project – Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams (INTERREG EUROPE) implemented during 2017-2022.


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