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G1: Advanced polymer materials and polymer recycling

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The main field of activity includes 2 directions: 1. Obtaining new polymeric materials with high-performance properties with applications in medicine, environmental protection, biotechnology, agriculture, construction, space and security; 2. Chemical and physical recycling of heavy-duty polymers at the end of their life cycle with applications in thermal insulation of buildings, plasticizers for polymer processing, biotechnology, space and security. The research areas of the team are: – Molecularly imprinted polymers; – Host-guest polymerization; – Polymeric materials for environmental applications; – Inorganic-organic hybrid nanocomposites; – Hydrogels for environmental applications and nanohydrogels for targeted therapy; – Covalent immobilization of enzymes and microorganisms on polymers; – Membranes for biotechnological and environmental applications; – Sensitive materials for sensors and biosensors; – Recycling of polymers at the end of their life; – Polyurethane foams from bio-sourced polymers and polymeric wastes; – Natural-synthetic hybrid polymeric materials; – Determination of molecular masses of polymers by SEC and viscometry; – Rheology of concentrated solutions and suspensions. Team composition: 8 main researchers (6 doctors), 4 Scientific Researchers I, 2 Scientific Researchers II, 2 Scientific Researchers III and 7 other researchers: 2 scientific researchers (doctoral students) and 5 scientific research assistants (master students), 1 sub-engineer and 1 main technician. They constitute 6 groups, with 2-4 members, each led by 1 doctor. Each group has 1-2 research directions. There is an interaction between groups, which allows the formulation of interdisciplinary projects and their realization.


Scientific Researcher I Degree,Leader of Team 1

PhD. Eng.

Extension: 124

Scientific Researcher I Degree, Vice-leader of Team 1

PhD. Eng.

Extension: 124

Main Scientific Researcher I degree

PhD. Eng.

Extension: 127

Scientific Researcher I Degree

PhD. Eng.

Extension: 124

Scientific Researcher II Degree

PhD. Eng.

Extension: 124

Scientific Researcher II Degree

PhD. Eng.

Extension: 124

Scientific researcher, III Degree

PhD Eng.

Extension: 127

Scientific Researcher

PhD student Eng.

Extension: 124

Scientific Researcher

PhD student Chim.

Extension: 124

Scientific Researcher

PhD student Chim.

Extension: 124

Scientific Researcher


Extension: 127

Scientific Research Assistant


Extension: 127



Extension: 127



Extension: 133

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International projects

“Recycling crustaceans shell wastes for developing biodegradable wastewater cleaning composites – BIOSHELL”

The objective of the project is to obtain functional biopolymer-based hydrogels starting from valorized crustacean’s shell wastes used for metal and antibiotics retention in waters as well for anti-bacterial treatment.

National projects

Synthetic nanogel antibodies molecularly imprinted with the Spike S1 protein -ANTISPIKE

The overall aim of the “ANTISPIKE” project refers to developing original, cost-effective and biocompatible ligand-free nanogel delivery systems that can be used as potential treatment for patients affected by COVID-19

Rational design of composite membranes for advanced heavy metal removal in wastewaters” – I-ON-MEM

The overall objective of the project consists in design of composite membranes for advanced heavy metal removal in wastewaters

Screen-Printed Hybrid Electrodes for Detecting and Monitoring Lipopolysaccharides

The objective of the project is to design innovative, versatile and re-usable biosensors for the fast, qualitative and quantitative detection and monitoring of lipopolysaccharides in various biological, food or water samples.

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Ana-Mihaela Florea, Tanta-Verona Iordache, Catherine Branger,; Marius Ghiurea, Sorin Avramescu, Gheorghe Hubca, Andrei Sa

An innovative approach to prepare hypericin molecularly imprinted pearls using a “phyto-template


Petcu Cristian, Purcar Violeta, Radu Anita-Laura, Ianchis Raluca, Sarbu Andrei, Ion-Ebrasu Daniela, Miron Alexandra Raluca, Modrogan Cristina, Ciobotaru Alina Ioan

“Removal of zinc ions from model wastewater system using Bicopolymer membranes with fumed silica”

Journal of Water Process Engineering

. Mircea Teodorescu · Maria Andrei · Gabriel Turturica ·Paul O. Stanescu · Anamaria Zaharia · Andrei Sârbu

Novel Thermoreversible Injectable Hydrogel Formulations Based on Sodium Alginate and Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide)

International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials


Monica Duldner, Ana Mihaela Florea, Emeric Bartha, Zina Vuluga, Simona Nica, Andrei Sarbu, Cristian Nicolae, Stela Iancu

Functionalized oligoterephthalate structures from PET wastes, useful as additives in nanocomposites

, Bulletin of Romanian Chemical engineering society

. A. Zaharia, F.-X. Perrin, M. Teodorescu, A.-L. Radu, T.-V. Iordache, A.-M. Florea, D. Donescu and A. Sarbu

New organophilic kaolin clays based on single-point grafted 3-aminopropyl dimethylethoxysilane

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys

Teodor SANDU, Andrei SÂRBU, Celina Maria DAMIAN, Delia PĂTROI, Temenuzhka BUDINOVA, Boyko TSYNTSARSKI, M. Ferhat YARDIM, Ahmet SIRKECIOGLU

, Functionalized Bicomponent Polymer Membranes as Supports for Covalent Immobilization of Enzyme

, Reactive and Functional Polymers

Ana-Mihaela FLOREA, Andrei SÂrbu, Tanta-Verona IORDACHE, Alexandra-Sorina GAREA, Teodor SANDU, Steluta APOSTOL, Gheorghe HUBCA

Operational parameters for the preparation of precursor polymer matrix used in molecular imprinting,

U.P.B. Sci. Bull

S.A. Gârea, A.I. Mihai, A. Ghebaur, C. Nistor, A. Sârbu

Porous Clay Heterostructures: A new inorganic host for 5-Fluorouracil encapsulation

International Journal of Pharmaceutics


Ana-Mihaela Florea, Andrei Sarbu, Tanta-Verona Iordache, Dan Donescu, Anita Laura Radu, Anamaria Zaharia

The structure effect upon gallic acid re-binding in molecularly imprinted organosilica

Journal of sol gel science and technology


Ana-Mihaela Florea, Andrei Sârbu, Tanta-Verona Iordache, Anamaria Zaharia, Anita-Laura Radu, Steluţa Apostol, Stela Iancu, Monica Duldner, Carmen Lazau, Gheorghe Hubca

TNT-molecularly imprinted membranes via phase inversion method

Greener and Safer Energetic and Ballistic Systems


Rodica Zavoianu, Anca Cruceanu, Octavian D. Pavel, Andrei Sarbu, Teodor Sandu, Eleonora Luminita Mara,

Red Mud: Production, Composition and Impact.

Chapter Environmental Protection Applications of Red Mud

ISBN-13: 978-1536143836

Teodor Sandu, Anamaria Zaharia, Andrei Sarbu, Rodica Zavoianu, Eleonora Luninita Mara

Red Mud: Production, Composition and Impact

Chapter Red Mud- Based Polymer Composites

ISBN-13: 978-1536143836

B. Tsyntsarski, I. Stoycheva, B. Petrova, T. Budinova, N. Petrov, A. Sarbu, A. Radu

Activated Carbon: Synthesis, Properties and Uses

Chapter Polymer-waste-derived nanoporous carbon for removal of methyl orange and bromophenol blue from aqueous solutions

ISBN: 978-1-53612-348-7

Andrei Sarbu, Tanta-Verona Iordache and Ana-Mihaela Florea

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs): Challenges, Uses and Prospects

Chapter: Trends in the Molecular Imprinting of Small Molecules: Organic and Hybrid Polymers

ISBN: 978-1-63485-922-6


Ivanka Stoycheva*, Temenuzhka Budinova, Miglena Vasileva, Antoana Bahova, Boyko Tsyntsarski, Mehmed Ferhat Yardim, Andrei Sarbu, Teodor Sandu, Anita Radu

Characterization and Application of Nanoporous Carbon From RDF Waste for Tannin Removal

Simpozion international Prioritatile Chimiei pentru o Dezvoltare Durabila PRIOCHEM – editia XV

Andrei Sarbu, Anamaria Zaharia, Anita Laura Radu, Teodor Sandu, Tanta Verona Iordache, Paul Vasilescu, Gheorghita Jinescu2

Polymer inorganic- organic composites- precursors for ceramic powders and products

Zilele Academiei de stiinte tehnice din Romania

Robert-Andrei Ţincu, Mihai Deleanu, Andrei Slabu, Monica Duldner, Cristina Stavrache, Emeric Bartha

Modified ionic liquids as PET depolymerisation catalysts: synthesys and characterization

A- XXXV-a Conferinta Nationala de Chimie cu participare internationala

Teodor Sandu, Andrei Sârbu, Raul- Augustin Mitran, Nicolae Stănică, Delia Pătroi, Virgil Marinescu, Maria Luiza Jecu, Melania Liliana Arsene, Anita Laura Radu, Marinela Victoria Dumitru, Tanța Verona Iordache, Ana Mihaela Florea, Steluța Apostol

Innovative composite beads based on polymer blends and mnps and their use in biotechnology,

A 27-a Sesiune de comunicări ştiinţifice Academic Days of Iasi

Bianca-Elena Stoica, Ana-Lorena Ciurlica, Tanta-Verona Iordache, Andrei Sarbu, Anamaria Zaharia, Anita-Laura Radu, Sandu Teodor, Steluta Apostol, Monica Duldner, Alina-Elena Coman, Ana-Mihaela Gavrila

Preparation and characterization of non-imprinted films doped with conducting polymers

A 27-a Sesiune de comunicări ştiinţifice Academic Days of Iasi

Anita-Laura Radu, Andreea Miron, Anamaria Zaharia, Ana-Mihaela Gavrila, Tanta-Verona Iordache, Crina-Thea Cojocaru, Razvan-Edward Botez, Celina-Maria Damian, Andrei Sarbu1

Novel nanocomposites based on mesoporous titania/acrylonitrile polymer: synthesis and characterization

A 27-a Sesiune de comunicări ştiinţifice Academic Days of Iasi

Ilie Daniel Ţîmpu, Andrei Sârbu, Anita-Laura Radu

Cercetări de obţinere şi caracterizare a nanocompozitelor Titaniu-Carbon

A 27-a Sesiune de comunicări ştiinţifice Academic Days of Iasi

Ana-Mihaela Gavrila, Andrei Sârbu, Ana Lorena Ciurlica, Anamaria Zaharia, Anita-Laura Radu, Constantin Nicolae Toader, Tanţa-Verona Iordache

Advanced Materials for Sulphur Mustard Recognition and Retention Prepared by Molecular Imprinting Techniques

Early Career Scientists (ECS) STO NATO Bucharest

Sandu, T., Sarbu, A., Radu, A.L., Zaharia, A., Iordache, T.V., Florea, A. M., Jecu, M. L., Arsene, M. L., Apostol, S.,Dumitru, M.V.

Removal of Blue Ink 242 Dye by Biodegradation Means Carried Out Using Innovative Polymer Biocomposites

COST FESBIONET Meeting Workshop

Alina Elena Coman, Monica Duldner, Anita Radu, Emeric Bartha, Robert Tincu, Tanta-Verona Iordache, Andrei Sarbu, Adi Ghebaur, Celina Damian

Nanocomposite polyurethane foams from pet wastes and renewable raw materials

21st Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Sandu Teodor, Sârbu Andrei, Chiriac Laura- Anita, Iordache Tanţa Verona, Gavrilă Ana Mihaela, Dumitru Marinela Victoria

Membrane polimerice bicomponente cu conţinut de pulberi de carbon şi procedeu de obţinere a acestora


Tanţa Verona Iordache, Anita Laura Radu, Anamaria Zaharia, Andrei Sârbu, Carmen Sirbu, Ana Mihaela Gavrilă, Teodor Sandu, Elena Bianca Stoica, Crina Thea Cojocaru, Razvan Edward Botez, Andreea Miron si Steluţa Apostol

Compozit geotextil pentru protectia mediului si procedeu pentru obtinerea acestuia


Teodor Sandu, Andrei Sârbu, Marinela Victoria Dumitru, Adi Ghebaur, Sorina Alexandra Gârea, Horia Iovu, Tanța Verona Iordache, Anita Laura Chiriac, Ana Mihaela Gavrilă, Anamaria Zaharia

Materiale hibride pe bază de montmorilonit silanizat și mealamină și procedeu de obținere a acestora

A00867/05.12. 2019

Tanța Verona Iordache, Ana Mihaela Gavrilă, Andrei Sârbu, Anita Laura Chiriac, Ana Lorena Ciurlică, Anamaria Zaharia, Elena Bianca Stoica, Andreea Olaru, Dan Cosasu, Teodor Sandu

Filme multistratificate nanoasamblate antimicrobiene și procedeu de obținere a acestora

A 00707/05.11.2019

Duldner Monica- Mirela, Coman Alina-Elena, Zaharia Anamaria, Iordache Tanta Verona, Sarbu Andrei, Rotariu Traian, Darloman Florin-Marian, Hubca Gheorghe, Damian Celina Maria

Compozitii poliester-poliolice pentru poliuretani elastomeri, metoda de obtinere a acestora si materiale compozite pentru combustibili solizi de rachete incorporand respectivele compozitii poliester-poliolice


Duldner Monica-Mirela, Coman Alina-Elena, Nicolescu Tanta Verona, Sarbu Andrei, Bartha Emeric, Teodorescu Florina, Ghebaur Adi, Chitulescu Victor- Ioan, Surdu George, Popa Sterica

Polioli cu structura poliester-amidica continand unitati structurale mezogene pentru spume poliuretanice semiflexibile si procedeu de obtinere a acestora


Duldner Monica- Mirela, Coman Alina-Elena, Nicolescu Tanta Verona, Sarbu Andrei, Bartha Emeric, Tincu Robert-Andrei, Ghebaur Adi, Damian Celina, Surdu George, Savastre Alexandru

Compozite poliester-eter polioli /montmorilonit pentru spume poliuretanice semiflexibile (nano)compozite si procedeu de obtinere a acestora

A 00845/03.12.2019

Traian ROTARIU, Elena Andreea MOLDOVAN, Gabriela TOADER, Tanta-Verona IORDACHE, Ana-Mihaela GAVRILA, Anamaria ZAHARIA, Andrei SARBU

Lianti polimerici cu solubilitate selectiva pentru materiale compozite energetice “verzi” si procedeu pentru obtinerea acestora


Tanța Verona Iordache, Elena Bianca Stoica, Andrei Sârbu, Ana-Mihaela Gavrilă, Ana-Lorena Ciurlică, Anita Laura Chiriac, Anamaria Zaharia, Teodor Sandu

Suprafețe hibride pentru detecția electrochimică a endotoxinelor microbiene și procedeu pentru obținerea acestora


Ana Mihaela Gavrilă, Tanța Verona Iordache, Andrei Sârbu, Ana Lorena Ciurlică, Anamaria Zaharia, Anita Laura Chiriac, Teodor Sandu, Elena Bianca Stoica, Steluța Apostol

Filme hibride senzitive imprentate molecular cu tiodiglicol depuse pe electrozi serigrafiați de carbon și procedeu pentru obținerea acestora

A 00779/22.11.2019