National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry



Research infrastructure

INCDCP-ICECHIM accommodates access to the international scientific infrastructure and recurrently updated, top-notch equipment requisitioned by means of ex officio institutional development projects and capitalized on in commercial engagements.

Special Installations and Objectives of National Interest – IOSIN

Advanced Research Center for Bionanotechnologies – BioNAN

INCDCP-ICECHIM engaged several “Capacity Development” projects thus successfully articulating an architecture for bio-nano-technologies integrated infrastructure, including bio-resource processing&(bio)technologies RDI labs, advanced polymeric materials production RDI labs, conditioning and characterization of bioproducts RDI labs and testing labs.

IOSIN Manager: Dr. Eng. Cristian PETCU

Analysis and Testing Services

INCDCP-ICECHIM offers a generous variety of RENAR (Romanian Accreditation Association) accredited laboratory analysis services, as well as specialized engineering commissioning, a non-exhaustive list of which you can access below.

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Technology Transfer

Promoting proprietary technologies with full commercial potential through national and international networks, mass-media, exhibitions, scientific and brokerage events.

Special results

Our R&I teams develop proprietary, patented products and technologies, for a complex range of economic activities. Check out the brochure and contact us!