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Danube WATER integrated management

The strategic project “Danube Water Integrated Management” was implemented in the period 2012-2015 and was financed under the Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

National projects

Complex multidisciplinary project for monitoring, conservation, protection and promotion of the Romanian cultural heritage

The RO-CHER project proposes an innovative multidisciplinary methodology that integrates high-level scientific expertise for the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

Nanotechnology - innovative approach with the development of materials and techniques for safeguarding cultural heritage

The aim of the project is to provide practical solutions based on new antifungal recipes, to reduce the impact of biodegradation of objects and objectives belonging to cultural heritage.

Integrated management (conservation, restoration, protection) of cultural heritage objectives

The project aims to meet conservators / restorers demands as an aid measure, both by proposing useful measures / strategies in this field, and by the integrated use of techniques developed on the basis of exact sciences.

Promoting cultural heritage using current digital reconstruction technologies

Digital reconstruction presents known theoretical and practical aspects, being today a consecrated term in the field of conservation and restoration of cultural and historical heritage.

Increasing the institutional capacity of bioeconomic research for the innovative exploitation of the local vegetal resources, in order to obtain horticultural products with high added value

The project will provide the necessary support for the creation and development of a complementary research chain in the bio-economy, which aims to achieve a high level of international recognition.

Development of plant extracts and innovative phytosynthesized nanostructures mixtures with phytotherapeutic applications in order to reduce biocenotic stress in horticultural crops

In recent decades, in the scientific field of nanotechnology there has been a high interest in obtaining and characterizing nanometric architectures obtained by the methods of "green chemistry".

Innovative technologies for advanced processing of plant resources from fruit and viticulture

The concern for the approached issue is a consequence of the requests coming from some fruit and wine companies and farms to be able to capitalize on their agricultural production in a superior way.

Combating the effects of CBRN aggressions using new polyvalent surface decontamination systems POLIDEC

By this project, the partners bring new contributions to the fight against the effects of CBRN agents through the implementation of new multi-purpose decontamination systems.

Innovative methods and techniques for evaluating conservation-restoration interventions and monitoring the conservation of traditional constructions in Romania

In Romania there is an extremely wide and valuable patrimony of traditional constructions and installations of popular technique.

Determining the methodology and coefficients specific to Romania in order to quantify GHG emissions and absorbtions for the quantification of climate change

Updating and developing the components of the National GHG Emission and Absorption Assessment System and developing a strategy for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Techniques for storing and capitalizing on the results of advanced scientific research (SoVaReX)

The project responds to the need to promote the results of advanced research to raise their value by the business community, local public administration and other potential end users.

Depollution of water containing hardly biodegradable organic compounds (endocrine disruptors) by advanced oxidation processes using innovative catalysts (OXYDEP)

Endocrine disruptors (ECDs) are synthetic chemicals that mimic the function of hormones and, once in the body, alter the hormonal balance.

Innovative apatitic materials with enhanced antimicrobial activity for building materials and cultural heritage conservation

The project proposes the use of metal-doped hydroxyapatite as an antimicrobial component in construction materials.

Innovative ferrite / beta-cyclodextrin core-shell nanocomposites for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from aqueous effluents

This project proposes a new and innovative class of nanoadsorbents with core-shell morphology, obtained from ferrite particles (core) and cyclodextrin molecules (shell).

Avant-garde design of nanomaterials and nanosystems with practical applications in the scientific preservation of Romanian cultural heritage

The project aims to develop and / or optimize methods for the restoration and conservation of cultural assets, through the use of nanomaterials.