National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry



Supporting the competitiveness and excellence of INCDCP-ICECHIM research and innovation in the area of bioeconomy and related fields


Contracting authority: Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization; project financed through the National research, development and innovation plan for the period 2015-2020 (PNCDI III), Program 1 – Development of the national research & development system, Subprogram 1.2 – Institutional performance – Institutional development projects Projects for funding RDI excellence

Project implementation period: 01.2022-06.2024

Contract number: 15PFE/30.12.2021

Project ID: ID 583

Contract value: 5.732.000,00 lei

Project manager: Dr. Habil. Radu Claudiu Fierascu


  • General presentation
  • Objectives
  • Results
  • Internal competitions
General presentation

The project aims to increase the performance of INCDCP-ICECHIM in the area of bioeconomy and related fields, to support and develop research skills in this field, as well as the development of institutional capacity in the following directions: capitalization and dissemination of knowledge and research results; providing high-level scientific support in priority areas; initiating and developing viable collaborations with economic, public and private partners; increasing international involvement and visibility. Through these, the project continues the line drawn by the project Increasing the research and innovation potential of INCDCP-ICECHIM in the field of key cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral innovative technologies (31PFE / 2018), in the desire to achieve the modern institute desideratum, at European standards.


The project aims to increase the institutional performance of ICECHIM in order to consolidate the position assumed as a reference research institute at national level, competitive at European level. This goal will be achieved by achieving the following specific main objectives (MOs) and support objectives (SOs):

Main objectives

MO1. Strengthen cutting-edge research in the area of bioeconomy and related fields

Achieving this goal aims to strengthen leading research directions in emerging areas of the bioeconomy and related fields. The realization of OP1 involves optimizing the existing material base by purchasing high performance equipment, consumables necessary for their operation, maintenance and repair of workspaces, laboratories and equipment, creating the premises for a judicious and consistent allocation of future investments to support infrastructure. The real possibilities of carrying out interdisciplinary works will be identified, aiming at the optimal use of the material base and the increase of the research complexity by optimizing the allocated resources in order to increase the institutional visibility.

MO2. Training of highly qualified specialists in the target directions

Achieving this goal contributes to increasing the institutional performance of INCDCP-ICECHIM by increasing the RDI skills of specialists in the target areas and optimizing the human resources policy, to increase the critical mass of researchers to ensure the success of research. The activities subscribed to this objective are:

1. Competitive award of:

  • (i) internal research grants


  • (ii) mobility grants in laboratories or centers of excellence for young and senior researchers.

2. Supporting access to international libraries / archives / databases, which will facilitate the increase of ICECHIM’s institutional performance, a mandatory condition for being competitive.

The theme of internal grants is determined by the research areas within MO1. Through the grants supported by the project will be achieved: streamlining training in the target area; increasing the quality and originality of research; increasing the visibility of specialists by increasing the quality of dissemination of results; facilitating the exchange of know-how with specialists from other profile or complementary / related academic structures.

The development of human resources and the increase of visibility are a related objective of the mobility program, but also of OP1 within the project.

The results generated by the achievement of the objective will be represented in particular by:

  • increase in the number of scientific articles published in ISI indexed journals with high impact (Q1 / top 10%);
  • increasing the number of open-access publications;
  • increasing the number of patents applications at national and international level;
  • developing research directions that attract established researchers, including from abroad;
  • initiating international collaborations in order to achieve long-term collaborations (through the mobility of senior researchers);
  • supporting young employees, especially those employed in PCCDI projects;
  • new specializations / research skills through mobility grants;
  • increasing the national / international visibility of ICECHIM.
MO3. Integration of specialists in multidisciplinary research teams of excellence

The accomplishment of MO1 and MO2 creates the favorable framework for the integration of specialists trained in multidisciplinary teams whose skills, level of performance and competitiveness can be redefined according to the requirements of the economic environment. Achieving the objective allows redefining the communication system between the specialties involved, making it possible to increase their complexity and coherence, supporting excellence and identifying alternative solutions and new services with market potential. Through this goal, the project will contribute to the achievement. within IECHIM, the critical mass of researchers capable of generating economic progress, providing support for research excellence based on increasing the impact of disseminating results through publication in ISI indexed journals with high impact or patenting, and will bring substantial benefits to access for research teams to programs funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

Support objectives

SO1. Institutional promotion to increase visibility

To achieve this goal, the following activities are considered:

  • intensification of collaborations with the private environment (development of new forms of cooperation, including the collaboration contracts on specific topics);
  • intensifying collaborations with the authorities to respond to specific requests;
  • identifying opportunities to capitalize on or implement research results.

SO1 will also be achieved by holding meetings between representatives of academia / research / industry in the public / private sector to identify opportunities for capitalization or implementation of research results, undertaken in order to increase the degree of communication and collaboration between the actors involved.

Achieving the goal offers the possibility of promoting ICECHIM at events in the field of intellectual property to support and promote the results obtained at the institutional level. It also aims to strengthen the role of the Technology Transfer Center in promoting “applied creativity” at the institutional level and in stimulating technology transfer.

SO2. Institutional promotion for attracting human resources

This goal will be achieved through:

  • training of specialists in the top areas consolidated by MO1;
  • facilitating the insertion of researchers in different stages of their career in ICECHIM;
  • hosting internships for students / doctoral internships for PhD students from partner universities;
  • dissemination of results through the project website, newsletter, organization of the NeXT-Chem workshop / participation in scientific events.

The specialists trained in the targeted fields will contribute to ensuring the critical mass of researchers to guarantee an increase in the rate of submission and winning of projects in various competitions, thus contributing to optimizing the external financial contribution, while increasing visibility will create a favorable framework for human resource development by attracting young researchers with higher education, mainly doctorates, including those obtained abroad. Achieving the support objective contribute to supporting the general objective of PNCDI III: increasing the role of science in society.

New RDI equipment

Hitachi TM4000plus II SEM with cooling stage

Gas Endeavour Complete System

Autolab 128N multi-modular system

SALD-2300 Laser Diffraction Particle Determination system

V-one 2D prototyping system

914 pH/conductometer


Flashforge Creator 4 3D printer

Inventics exhibitions


IDEA-2022 Szolnok – Hungary

INVENTICA 2022 Inventics International Conference, The 26th edition, 23rd June – 24th June 2022, Iași, Romania

IDEA 2022 ABONY, (Ötlet – Újdonság – Találmány és Kézműves)– Abony, Hungary, 24-25 September 2022

The 7th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2022, 27 August 2022

7th International Inventions Fair ISIF’22, Turcia

International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations “Traian Vuia” Timisoara 2022


PRO INVENT 2022 – The 20th edition of the International Exhibition of Research, Innovations and Inventions, 26 – 28 October 2022, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

INVENTCOR International Exhibition 2022


INTARG® 2023 Invention & Innovation International Show

8th İstanbul International Inventions Fair – ISIF’23

Scientific events / science popularization events

NEXT-CHEM 2022 – YouTube Recording

Science of the future – interactive exhibition organized by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization on June 8-9, 2022

Romania of the future (ROMANIA VIITORULUI), event organized by MCID

ECCP Matchmaking

Meetings with economic agents (organizer CTT – ICECHIM)

Liceenii SMART live show, Channel 33 – YouTube recording

Chemistry Festival 2022

PRIOCHEM 18 – 2022 – YouTube Recording


Global Women’s Breakfast Romania 2023

Open day at the Ministry of the Future

Vth edition of the Exploratory Workshop “INNOVATIVE CROSS-SECTORAL TECHNOLOGIES – NeXT-Chem” 2023

Internal competitions
Internal research grants

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Mobility grants – young researchers

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Mobility grants – senior researchers

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