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G12: Polymeric composites and nanocomposites

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The Research Activity of Team 12 – Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites is focused on the development of multifunctional polymer composites and nanocomposites based on synthetic and/or natural polymers and various synthetic and/or natural micro/nano fillers, with low impact on the environment or biodegradable and with improved specific properties, imposed by different applications in industry (automotive and packaging), construction, agriculture and biomedicine. Consequently, the research directions considered are focused, on the one hand, on the characterization, physical or chemical modification and processing of both the components and the resulting (nano)composites, and on the other hand, on the processes for obtaining and interaction mechanisms. The main objectives of Team 12’s research are to improve processability and replace, as far as possible, toxic additives and synthetic polymers with materials isolated from natural and renewable resources. In the last 10 years, within national and European projects (FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020), Team 12 has gained knowledge and experience in developing technologies for obtaining (nano)composites, both based on synthetic polymers (PP, PMMA, thermoplastic elastomer, silicone rubber) with different (nano)fillers (natural nanosilicates, with lamellar or tubular morphology, silica nanowires, natural fibres, nanosilica, calcium metasilicate) as well as based on biopolymers (bio-polyamide, aliphatic polyesters, collagen and cellulose) with different reinforcing agents (graphene and non-graphene 2D structures, cellulose nanofibers), implemented and validated to TRL 5-TRL 9, for the manufacture of: • High quality automotive components (bumper, spare wheel well, B-pillar) • Food packaging • Biomedical products • Protective coatings


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Biopolymer structures obtained by plasma treatment for wounds healing – BIOPLASM

The scope of the project is to obtain effective dressings for the treatment of infected wounds by developing antibacterial nanocellulose nanocarriers deposited on an aliphatic polyester substrate.

Design of new nanocellulose-based gas-carrier systems

The scope of the CELGAS project is to develop innovative oxygen-carrying systems capable of supplying oxygen in a controlled manner to injured tissue/implants or intravenously.

Bio-based nanocomposites from epoxy-celullose with balanced thermo-mechanical properties – EPOCEL

The proposed project aims to develop new nanocomposites, based on renewable and inexpensive biological sources, with thermo-mechanical balanced properties for applications in electronics.

New materials based on polylactic acid with controlled flexibility – FLEX4PLA

FLEX4PLA project aims the research and design of new biomaterials in which both polymers and additives are being derived from renewable resources.

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Zina Vuluga Z., Sanporean C.G., Panaitescu D.M., Teodorescu G.M., Corobea M.C., Nicolae C.A., Gabor A.R., Raditoiu V.

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Chiulan I., Panaitescu D.M., Radu E.R., Vizireanu S., Sătulu V., Biţă B., Gabor R.A., Nicolae C.A., Raduly M., Rădiţoiu V.

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F. Ciuprina, L. Andrei, S. Stoian, R. Gabor, D. Panaitescu

Dielectric response and dynamic mechanical analysis of PHBV-TiO2 nanocomposites

IEE ICD 2020 International Conference on Dielectrics, 6th to 31st July, Virtual Edition, Valecia, Spain

E.R. Radu, D.M. Panaitescu, R.A. Gabor, C.-A. Nicolae, V. Raditoiu, E. Alexandrescu, R.C. Fierascu, I. Chiulan

Development of pla-phb based biodegradable composites for packaging application

NeXT-Chem, 2nd edition, 2020, Bucuresti, Romania

G.M. Teodorescu, Z. Vuluga, A. Ghebaur, M.C. Corobea, C.-A. Nicolae, A.R. Gabor, N. Levinta, A.A. Mainea

Polypropylene/fly-ash nanocomposites for automotive applications

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M. Oprea, C.-A. Nicolae, R.A. Gabor, R. Trusca, D.M. Panaitescu

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Process for increasing the efficiency of the biomineralization process performed by microorganisms embedded in construction materials


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Invention Patent Request – Silicone elastomer composites for medical applications