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E10: Coloranți funcționali și materiale înrudite

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I. Chiulan, D. M. Panaitescu, E. R. Radu, S. Vizireanu, V. Satulu, B. Bitac, R. A. Gabor, C. A. Nicolae, M. Raduly, V. Raditoiu

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V. Purcar, V. Rădiţoiu, C. Nichita, A. Bălan, A. Rădiţoiu, S. Căprărescu, F.M. Raduly, R. Manea, R. Şomoghi,; C.-A. Nicolae, I. Raut, L. Jecu

Preparation and Characterization of Silica Nanoparticles and of Silica-Gentamicin Nanostructured Solution Obtained by Microwave-Assisted Synthesis

Materials, Volume 14, April 2021, 2086.


V. Purcar, V. Raditoiu, A. Raditoiu, F.M. Raduly, R. Manea, A.N. Frone, M. Anastasescu, G. C. Ispas, S. Caprarescu

Bilayer coatings based on silica materials and iron (III) phthalocyanine – Sensitized TiO2 photocatalyst

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V. Purcar, V. Raditoiu, A. Raditoiu, R. Manea, F.M. Raduly, G.C. Ispas, A.N. Frone, C.A. Nicolae, R.A. Gabor, M. Anastasescu, H. Stroescu, S. Caprarescu

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A. Rădiţoiu, V. Rădiţoiu, M. F. Raduly, G.C. Ispas, V. Purcar, A. N. Frone, R. Manea, L. E. Wagner, M. Anastasescu

Fluorescent Silica Hybrid Film-Forming Materials Based on Salicylaldazine

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G. C. Ispas, R. Manea, R. I. Brazdis, A. M. Baroi, T. Fistos, R. C. Fierăscu, M. F. Raduly

Iron Oxide/Phosphatic Materials Composites with Potential Applications in Environmental Protection

Materials, Volume 13, November 2020, 5034, doi:10.3390/ma13215034


V. Rădiţoiu, V. Purcar, A. Rădiţoiu, M. F. Raduly, A.N. Frone, M. Anastasescu, M. Stoica, E. Alexandrescu, R. Somoghi, R. Manea, G.C. Ispas, L.E. Wagner, S. Caprarescu

Sol–gel hybrid films based on organosilanes with long alkyl chains

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Volume 17 (5), July 2020,1389–1399,


V. Purcar, V. Rădiţoiu, A. Dumitru, C. A. Nicolae, A. N. Frone, M. Anastasescu, A. Rădiţoiu, M. F. Raduly, R. A. Gabor, S. Căprărescu

Antireflective coating based on TiO2 nanoparticles modified with coupling agents via acid-catalyzed sol-gel method

Applied Surface Science, Volume 487, September 2019, 819-824,


V. Purcar, V. Rădiţoiu, C. A. Nicolae, A. N. Frone, A. Rădiţoiu, M. F. Raduly, R. Somoghi, R. A. Gabor, S. Caprarescu

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Photocatalytic degradation of some polyolefin-TiO2 composites evaluated by molecular spectroscopy

Materiale Plastice, Volume 56(1), January 2019,