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F Oancea, E Georgescu, R Matusova, F Georgescu, A Nicolescu , I Raut, L Jecu, MC Vladulescu, L Vladulescu, C Deleanu

New Strigolactone Mimics as Exogenous Signals for Rhizosphere Organisms

Molecules, 22(6), 961, June 2017; 10.3390/molecules22060961


M Călin, D Constantinescu-Aruxandei, E Alecsandrescu, I Raut, M Badea Doni, ML Arsene, F Oancea, L Jecu, V. Lazăr

Degradation of keratin substrates by keratinolytic fungi

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 28, 101-112, May 2017; 10.1016/j.ejbt.2017.05.007


Ros M., Răut I., Santisima-Trinidad A.B., Pascual J.A

Relationship of microbial communities and suppressiveness of Trichoderma fortified composts for pepper seedlings infected by Phytophthora nicotianae

PLoS One. 12(3): e0174069, March 2017, 10.1371/journal.pone.0174069


C Petcu, V Purcar, C Spataru, E Alexandrescu, R Somoghi, B Trica, S Nitu, D Panaitescu, D Donescu, L Jecu

The Influence of New Hydrophobic Silica Nanoparticles on the Surface Properties of the Films Obtained from Bilayer Hybrids

Nanomaterials, 7(2), 47, February 2017; 10.3390/nano7020047


IS Hosu, D Constantinescu-Aruxandei, L Jecu, F Oancea, M Badea Doni

Peroxynitrite sensor based on screen printed carbon electrode modified with a poly(2,6-dihydroxynaphthalene) film

Sensors 16(11), 1975-1990, November 2016; 10.3390/s16111975



Raut I., Calin M., Vuluga Z., Alexandrescu E., Arsene M., Vasilescu G., Gurban A.-M., Doni M., Lecu L.

Overview on microbial degradation of polyolefins-based composites

11th International Conference on Materials Science & Engineering – BRAMAT2019, March 13-16, 2019, Poiana Brasov, Romania

Gurban A.-M., Epure P., Doni M.

Miniaturized biosensing platforms for toxic compounds and their metabolites detection

11th International Conference on Materials Science & Engineering – BRAMAT2019, March 13-16, 2019, Poiana Brasov, Romania

Fierascu I., Fierascu R. C., Raut I., Calin M., Arsene M., Gurban A.-M., Jecu L., Fotea P., Dima S.-O., Ghiurea M., Somoghi R., Nicolae C.-A., Raditoiu V.

Transdisciplinary methodologies for the study and valorisation of cultural heritage artifacts

25th Congress of Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia (SCTM), September 19-23, 2018, Ohrid, Macedonia

Doni M., Gurban A.-M

Recent advances in mycotoxins detection based on (immune)sensors

4th International Conference on Analytical Chemistry – RO-ICAC, September 01-03, 2018, Bucharest, Romania

Calin M., Raut I., Constantinescu-Aruxandei D., Oancea F., Arsene M., Vasilescu G., Gurban A.-M., Doni M., Jecu L.

Plant growth promoting properties of fungal strains cultured on keratin waste substrates

4th International Conference New Trends on Sensing- Monitoring- Telediagnosis for Life Sciences – NT-SMT-LS 2018, August 30-September 01, 2018, Brasov, Romania