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Raut I; Sesan TE; Macias R; Doni MB; Oancea F; Calin M; Arsene ML; Vasilescu G; Jecu, L

Study on the Effectiveness of Antagonistic Trichoderma spp. on the Growth of Some Vegetables Under Laboratory and Greenhouse Conditions

REVISTA DE CHIMIE, Vol 67(8),1504-1507, August 2016; 10.37358


I Atkinson, E M Anghel, L Predoana, O C Mocioiu, L Jecu, I Raut, C Munteanu, D Culita and M Zaharescu

Influence of ZnO addition on the structural, in vitro behavior and antimicrobial activity of sol–gel derived CaO–P2O5–SiO2 bioactive glasses

Ceramics International Volume 42, Issue 2, Part B, February 2016, Pages 3033-3045; 10.1016/j.ceramint.2015.10.090


L Jecu, E Grosu, I Raut, V Purcar, Z Vuluga, M Iorga, G Vasilescu, M. Rapa, M Badea-Doni, ML Arsene

Susceptibility of thermoplastic based composites to degradation by microorganisms

Environ. Eng. Manag. J., 14(11), 2545-2554, November 2015: 10.30638/eemj.2015.272


Iuliana Raut, Florin Oancea, Tatiana Eugenia Şesan, Luiza Jecu, Melania Liliana Arsene, Mihaela Badea Doni, Gelu Vasilescu

Trichoderma asperellum Td36-Versatile strain for treatment of high residue agricultural systems and nutraceutical crops

JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, Vol 208, S62-S62 Supplement: S/10.1016/j.jbiotec.2015.06.186


A Stan, C Munteanu, AM Musuc, R Birjega, R Ene, A Ianculescu, I Raut, L Jecu, M Badea Doni, EM Anghel, O Carp

A general, eco-friendly synthesis procedure of self-assembled ZnO-based materials with multifunctional properties

Dalton Transactions, 44(17):7844-7853, May 2015; 10.1039/c5dt00707k



Gurban A.-M., Calin M., Raut I., Constantinescu-Aruxandei D., Arsene M., Jecu L., Doni M.

Advances in Aflatoxin M1 detection based on flow injection analysis

4th International Conference New Trends on Sensing- Monitoring- Telediagnosis for Life Sciences – NT-SMT-LS 2018, August 30-September 01, 2018, Brasov, Romania